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 Devaria Tal

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Devaria Tal is located in Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand, just 14 km by road and about 3 km by foot from Ukhimath. Situated on the top of the mountain, this lake is surrounded by a forest of oaks, burans, which add to its beauty.

In the rainy and winter season, when the view around it is completely green or covered with a white sheet of snow, then the view of Deoria Tal looks even more beautiful. Just in front of this lake are the peaks of Chaukhamba, Gangotri, Neelkanth, and Kedarnath. When the reflection of which falls in the green water of the lake in winter, then that view is made on seeing.

Most of the travelers visiting Deoria Tal are young as this lake is not a center of religious tourism unlike other places in Uttarakhand. That's why most of the travelers who come to visit Chopta enjoy trekking and camping here. Apart from this, the Uttarakhand government also has a special eye on this place, eco-tourism is being promoted by the government around it. In the coming time, a nature walk canopy is also being built in Baniyatauli of Chopta.

Mythological story related to Devaria Tal

How can you be in Devbhoomi and it is not associated with any religious or mythological story? If it has religious significance, then you should not hurt the mind of the local people living there knowingly or unknowingly.

The relation of Deoria Tal is also associated with two mythological tales. According to the first legend, Deoria Tal is also known as Indra Sarovar. It is said that Indra, the king of the gods, used to come to this place to take a bath. All the lakes of Uttarakhand are associated with some deity like Lord Shiva used to come to take bath in Kedartal etc. You can read about Kedartal in our other post.

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According to another story, when the Pandavas, the heroes of the Mahabharata period, were spending their exile, the Yakshas questioned Yudhishthira on the bank of this lake. These mythological beliefs increase the importance of this lake. Later on, a fair was held on the banks of this lake, and water travels also used to go out. According to the priests located in Ukhimath, the water of the lake of Deoria Tal used to come out at Omkareshwar over time and was offered to Lord Shiva. Kedar Doli of Lord Shiva is kept in this Omkareshwar temple of Ukhimath in winters.

Places to visit near Devaria tal

There are many beautiful places to visit around Deoria Tal. If you stay in Deoria Tal for a day, then you can roam around these beautiful places.

* Duggal Bittha - In Duggal bittha you can enjoy bird watching, camping or jungle walk, etc.

* Tungnath - Tungnath has situated just a short distance from Deoria Tal. Where the views are made on sight. Click here to read about Tungnath.

* Sari Village - The foot route of Deoria Tal starts from Sari village itself. If you want, you can visit this beautiful village situated in the valley.

* Rohini Bugyal - Rohini Bugyal is located on a trek of 8 km from Deoria Tal, you can also enjoy this beautiful lesser-known trek if you want.

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Best time to visit Devaria Tal

By the way, Deoria Tal remains open for 12 months of trekking. But if you want to come, you can enjoy coming to this place during the snowfall in September-October or January. It would be best to come here in summer, March-April or mid-June. However, the rainy season also affects travel in Uttarakhand, so keep it in mind.

How to reach Devaria Tal 

Travelers coming from Delhi or Rishikesh - You can easily reach Sari by road of Deoria Tal by the traveler or private vehicle. Apart from this, if you are planning to visit Deoria Tal at a low cost, then you can easily reach Deoria Tal by bus by taking a trekker from Ukhimath.

Travelers coming from Badrinath or Chamoli - If you want to come from Badrinath by walking around Deoria Tal then you can easily reach Chopta from Gopeshwar and then to Sari. However, for this, it is necessary to be private there because very few vehicles ply that route.

Note - If you are in Rudraprayag and want to explore Tungnath, Karthik Swamy, or places around Rudraprayag then you can contact us.

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