How to Earn Money with TPplay: Tips & Tricks for Winning Big

Friends, these days the TPplay app is the latest sensation among gaming enthusiasts. If you're looking to earn money by playing games, this app offers a fantastic opportunity to make thousands of rupees from the comfort of your home. In this blog, we'll provide you with comprehensive information about the TPplay app. Make sure to read this post in its entirety before downloading the game. First, let’s understand what **TPplay** is all about.


What is the TPplay?

TPplay is an online gaming app that features various games such as Casino, Head and Tail, Lottery, and the very popular Aviator game. Aviator game is my personal favorite. I will also share some tricks for Lottery and Aviator games below, but first, know that all these games are played with money.

In this app, you need to deposit a minimum amount of money and then you can easily play these games and earn good money. However, keep in mind that playing these games can become addictive. But if you play wisely and avoid greed, you can comfortably make at least 6,000, 9,000, or 15,000 rupees or even more per month starting from just 100 rupees.


How to Play TPplay?

1. First, you need to go to the [TPplay]

2. Then you need to SIGN UP and create your ACCOUNT.

3. You can sign up using your mobile number or email ID.

4. You don’t need to fill in your PAN card details for this app.

5. Set a good password, log in to the game, and then deposit a minimum amount of 100 rupees to start playing your favorite game.

6. If asked for an INVITATION CODE, you can copy and paste *38586863369*. This code will give you a good BONUS amount in your first deposit directly into your account.

How to Deposit Money in TPplay?

1. First, open the TPplay App.

2. After opening, go to the Account tab.

3. Here you will see the deposit option at the top.

4. Click on the deposit option, and you will see many options for payment via Paytm or UPI.

5. Click on any option as per your convenience and deposit any amount starting from 100 rupees or more.

6. After some time, your amount will be reflected in the TPplay App.

7. Once the amount is added, you can play games and make a lot of money.

How to Withdraw Money from TPplay?

How to Withdraw Money from TPplay?

1. Withdrawing money from TPplay is as easy as depositing.

2. Go to the WITHDRAW OPTION in the ACCOUNT section of the app.

3. If you haven't added your bank account yet, click on the BANK CARD to add it.

4. Fill in your bank details accurately in the BANK CARD section.

5. Your payment will be processed based on the bank details you provided.

6. After adding your bank card, you can withdraw your amount.

7. Shortly after withdrawing, your money will be credited to your account.

What to Do If You Don’t Receive Money After Withdrawal or Deposit in TPplay?

1. Don’t panic if this happens to you.

2. Go to the account section of your TPplay.

3. Scroll down and click on CUSTOMER SERVICE.

4. Select the option related to your issue (WITHDRAW or DEPOSIT), and fill in the required details.

5. Submit the form, and the officials of TPplay will take necessary steps to resolve your issue.

6. You can also track the actions taken on your complaint by revisiting the customer service section.

Which Games in TPplay Can Earn You Good Money?

Which Games in TPplay Can Earn You Good Money?

Although there are many games in **TPplay**, I will only talk about two games here: Lottery and Aviator game. But before we start, let’s understand these two games a little.

Lottery Game

The lottery game is a prediction game. If you have good luck and a sharp mind, you can win 2 times or even 10 times the amount by just predicting. Here’s how to play the Lottery game:

1. Login to **TPplay** and go to the LOTTERY game tab where you will see four types of prediction games.

2. You will see WIN GO tabs with different times mentioned, like WIN GO 1MIN (result time is 1 minute), 3MIN, 5MIN, etc.

3. To play these games, you need to predict either the color or the number, or whether the coming number will be big or small.

4. Keep in mind to place only one bet at a time to avoid system confusion.

5. If you predict a number correctly, you can win 9 times the amount you bet. For color and big/small predictions, you will win only double the amount.

#Aviator Game

The Aviator game is easier to understand compared to the lottery. Here, you need to cash out before the airplane flies away.

1. The game has an AUTO button that lets you fix your amount to double or triple before cashing out.

2. The minimum amount to play this game is 10 rupees.

3. Sometimes, you can win 100 times or even 1000 times the amount.

 Tips & Tricks to Make Good Money in TPplay

#Tips & Tricks for Lottery Game

1. Since the Lottery game is a guessing game, it’s not always possible for my tricks to work every time. But I have found them useful in most cases.

2. Pay attention to the numbers that have appeared to predict big or small numbers or colors.

3. Check the chart in zigzag motion to understand the trend and make predictions accordingly.

4. Always bet on a single bet first to see if the trick is working before placing larger bets.

5. Withdraw your winnings regularly to avoid losing all your money in one go.

# Tips & Tricks for Aviator Game

1. The Aviator game has a good success rate if you follow certain tips.

2. Monitor the smaller series as the airplane can fly far in the next round.

3. Beginners should keep their bets below 1.20 and learn the game mechanics first.

4. Many players place two bets: one at double and another at five times.

5. Always set small targets and avoid placing continuous bets. Withdraw your winnings regularly.

**Advice:** If you start feeling overwhelmed by the game, take a break and come back the next day. If you show wisdom and restraint, nothing can stop you from making good money.

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This Whole article is originally written by Deepak Bisht on With his permission, It is translated into English. if you find some errors. Please correct us. :)

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