Earn Thousands from Home: The Ultimate Guide to Playing and Winning on TCWIP1 App

Friends, TCWIP1 is quite popular these days. If you want to make money by playing games, you can easily earn thousands of rupees from this game while sitting at home. You will get complete information about TCWIP1 in this blog. Make sure to read this post fully before downloading the game. First, let's understand what TCWIP1 is.**

**What is the TCWIP1 App?**


It's an online gaming app. It includes various games such as casino, head and tail, lottery, and many sports-related games, including the very popular Aviator game. Aviator game is also my favorite. I will share tips for the lottery and Aviator game below, but first, note that all these games are played with money. You need to deposit a minimum amount in this app, and then you can easily play these games to make good money. However, be careful as these games can be addictive. But if you play smartly and avoid greed, you can easily make a minimum of 6,000, 9,000, or 15,000 rupees per month from just 100 rupees.

**How to Play TCWIP1?**


- To play TCWIP1, first, you need to visit the link - TCWIP1.

- Then, you need to SIGNUP and create your ACCOUNT.

- You can sign up using your mobile number or email ID.

- In this app, you don't need to provide a PAN card like in DREAM11.

- Create a good password, log in to the game, and then deposit a minimum amount of 100 rupees to start playing your favorite game.

- If it asks for an INVITATION CODE, copy-paste this code *783768586102*.

- This INVITATION CODE will give you a good BONUS amount on your first DEPOSIT directly into your ACCOUNT.

- But remember, you also need to know the rules of the game.

**Which Games in TCWIP1 Can Make You Good Money?**

Many people might wonder which games in TCWIP1 can make good money. In this blog post, we will tell you about some games that can bring you good profits.

1. **Aviator Game**: This game is one of the most popular games in TCWIP1. You have to fly a plane safely without colliding with other planes within a time limit. Skill and luck both play a crucial role in this game. If you are skilled, you can win big.

2. **Big Small Game**: This is also a very popular game where you bet on big and small numbers. Knowledge, skills, and luck are very important in this game. If you have a good gaming strategy, you can make big money from this game.

3. **Casino Games**: Casino games like Blackjack, Roulette, Under-Over, and many others are also very popular in TCWIP1. You have a chance to make good money in these games as well, but here too, your skills combined with luck matter a lot.

**TCWIP1 Tips & Tricks**

The tricks for AVIATOR GAME and LOTTERY GAME in TCWIP1 are the same as those I mentioned for Tiranga GAME. If you want to know about them, you can read my article at the link given here → Tips & Tricks to Make Good Money in Tiranga GAME.

Here, I will share other tricks that can be useful to you. Read them carefully and try them out. I am confident that these will not only help you make good money in this game but will also be useful in other games.

**Tips & Tricks:**

- Take sharing and promotion links seriously. If you haven't taken them seriously yet, I will give you some examples that will help you make and save money in these games.

- Download TCWIP1 from the link above, and if you already have this game, share it.

- You can play in a group of 2-4 friends or share the game within your family on another phone and then play it from there.

- After downloading, create your primary account on a family member's or another number and then create your account from the shared link where you want to be active in these games.

- Whenever you deposit money or bet from your secondary account, money will automatically be added to your primary account as a commission. This way, you can withdraw some money from your primary account every month, regardless of your loss or win.

- Whenever you place a bet, play TCWIP1's WINGO or K3 games. Play according to my given tricks. This will enhance your calculation and prediction skills. Your mind works on complex calculations daily, giving you better results over time.

- Drink water while playing such games to stay healthy and make better decisions.

- Set small targets like earning 100 rupees or 500 rupees a day. Achieving small targets will help you achieve a monthly target of 3,000 to 15,000 rupees.

- Small targets will also help reduce addiction and greed in this game, saving you from major losses.

- Finally, if you are playing this game with borrowed money, don't do it. There are spiritual and financial aspects to this which you will understand only by following my advice. I hope you follow these tips and reduce your losses.

**In all these games, you must play responsibly and only invest as much as you can afford. Also, take breaks from gaming and focus on your primary life. Click here to use TCWIP1. Best wishes for your success.**

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