Vishwanath Temple, Guptkashi Rudraprayag

 Vishwanath Temple, Guptkashi Rudraprayag

Vishwanath temple Guptkashi
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There is a famous temple in Guptkashi, district Rudraprayag of Uttarakhand, called baba Vishwanath Temple. This temple is located at an altitude of 1319 meters above sea level, just 47 km downstream from Kedarnath, the holy abode of Lord Shiva, Guptkashi. This city is the holy city of Uttarakhand, it is situated near the Mandakini river. There are many ancient temples near the Kedarnath route. Every year a large number of devotees and tourists come to see them.

The ancient temples of this city are related to the Mahabharata period. It even got its name from the Pandavas who were brave warriors in the Mahabharata. The Vishwanath temple and Ardhanarishvara temple are famous here. The city is surrounded by snowy hills, greenery, cultural heritage, and pleasant weather of Chaukhamba hills. This small town is also a perfect holiday destination for tourists.

Mythology related to Vishwanath temple in Guptkashi

According to the legend, when there was a war between the Kauravas and the Pandavas, in Kurukshetra, within Haryana, the Pandavas killed many people and their brothers, so they had many faults due to the same slaughter. The Pandavas were supposed to seek forgiveness from Lord Shiva for rectifying the sins they made in the war. During that war, the Pandavas had killed the devotees of Lord Shiva as well.
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To get rid of the sin, the Pandavas worshiped and went out to see Lord Shankar. Lord Shiva was meditating at this place in the Himalayas and when the Lord came to know that the Pandavas were coming to this place, he took the form of the bull Nandi and became meditative here or rather, he became secret, hence the name of this place was Guptkashi. This temple is a symbol of him.

After this Lord Shiva disappeared and appeared in many parts of Panch Kedar i.e. Madmaheshwar, Rudranath, Tungnath, Kalpeshwar, and Kedarnath. Therefore, this temple has the same recognition as Panch Kedar. Another temple is situated here Ardhanarishvara i.e. half male, half female. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati. It is believed that Lord Shiva had proposed marriage to Mother Parvati here and after that, the marriage took place in Triyuginarayan.

The architectural style of this temple is similar to that of other temples in Uttarakhand, this temple remains the same as the Kedarnath temple. The entrance of the temple has two gatekeepers on either side and the outer facade is depicted with lotus. At the apex of the entrance is an image of Bhairav, a fearsome form of Lord Shiva.
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There is a small water kund in the temple complex which is called Manikarnika Kund. People believe Manikarnika Kund has holy water. Where two water streams always flow. The water of this pool represents the Ganges (Bhagirathi) and Yamuna rivers. This temple of Lord Vishwanath Ji is very beautiful along with the Ardhanarishvara temple and Nandideva is seated outside.

How To Reach Vishwanath Temple, Guptkashi

It can be reached by plane, rail, and road.

By Air - Jolly Grant Airport is the nearest airport to Guptkashi at a distance of 190 km. You will have to cover the rest of the distance by bus and cab.

By Rail - Rishikesh Railway Station located at a distance of 168 km is near Guptkashi and you can easily get a bus or taxi from the outer terminal to reach Guptkashi.

By Road - Several buses and taxis are available to Guptkashi via NH 109.

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