Syahi Devi Temple Almora Uttarakhand

 Syahi Devi Temple Almora Uttarakhand

Syahi Devi Temple Almora Uttarakhand
Syahi Devi Temple

Syahi Devi Temple, Shitlakhet is a tourist attraction in Hawalbagh block in Almora district of Uttarakhand state. Situated at a distance of 36 km from the headquarters of Almora district of Uttarakhand. This temple is situated on the hilltop of Sheetlakhet, to reach here, one has to travel on foot beyond Sheetlakhet. Sheetlakhet is full of natural beauty in itself. The place has been the cultural and political region of Kumaon for nearly four hundred years, inhabited by the Chand kings and developed by the British.
The natural shade here is unique, due to which there is a movement of tourists throughout the year, many trekking camps are also located here, in which the camp named Discovery is world famous. From here you can get a very nice view of the Himalayas. Seeing the view here, the British also built bungalows here under British rule, which is now known as Bora State.

The architecture of Syahi Devi Temple

The idol of Syahi Devi is very old and there is also a statue of Kali Maa on this side, worshiped in the temple by the local people. This temple was built by the Katyuri Kings in one night. Earlier this temple was situated at a distance of half a kilometer from here, where it is said that Swami Vivekananda did penance there for some days. The old temple of Syahi Devi was surrounded by dense forests.
The people around there did not go much because there was more fear of lions and tigers. Therefore, later the idol of Syahi Devi from this temple was installed on the top of Sheetlakhet. Which has now become a grand temple. Even today, pulses and rice are offered in this temple. There is a temple of Bhairav ​​Ji near the temple, there is also the offering of Khichdi, people believe that after the worship of Syahi Devi, unless you see Bhairav ​​Ji, then the worship will be considered incomplete. Therefore it is necessary to see both.

Recognition related to Syahi Devi Temple

It is believed that Syahi Devi was the family deity of the kings of Almora, the kings here worshiped the goddess. According to the chief priest of the temple, the temple dates back to the 11th century and the idol of Lord Ganesha was installed in the temple in 1254. Those devotees who come to see the Goddess with a sincere heart, their wishes are fulfilled. When the vows are fulfilled, the devotees come here with their families and offer bells and do Bhandara.
It is believed that the mother goddess is known in three forms. First, when the sun rises, the goddess appears golden, after that she becomes black in the daytime and in the evening when the rays fall from the south side, she looks dark in color. Along with this, the devotees who come to visit today also visit the ancient and new temples of Syahi Devi.

What is special around the temple?

There are villages of Dhamas, Sidhpur, Dhatwal, Channa near Syahi Devi Temple. Shitlakhet is also famous for its gardens, wonderful landscape, and its production of herbs and medicinal plants. On climbing the hill up towards the temple, one gets to see a huge view of the Himalayas. It is the best place to have a full view of the Himalayas.

How to reach Syahi Devi Temple?

Syahi Devi temple is in Almora district, to reach where you can reach the nearest stop by rail, road or air. After reaching Almora, you will have to climb 3 km to reach the Syahi Devi Temple.
By Road - Road is the last alternative way to reach this temple. Almora is 390 km away from Delhi. On which you will reach Almora in about 9 hours by bus or private vehicle.
By Air - The nearest airport to Almora is Pantnagar, which has a famous agricultural university. Pantnagar Airport is about 127 km from Almora. You will have to complete the rest of the way from Pantnagar by bus.
By Rail - The nearest railway station to reach Syahi Devi temple (Almora) is Kathgodam. It is located about 90 km from Kathgodam Railway Station, Almora.
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