History of Kedarnath Temple and description in Puranas

 Friends, if you want to know the history of Kedarnath temple (kedarnath mandir ka itihas) and the description of Kedarnath in the Puranas as well as brief information about the mythological beliefs and stories related to Kedarnath, then this post is for you. Before reading the post, know that we have collected all the information related to the history of this Kedarnath temple and its relation to the Puranas from Skanda Purana, Linga Purana, Vamana Purana, Padmam Purana, Kurma Purana, Garuda Purana, Saur Purana, Brahma Vaivarta Purana, Shiva The Puranas are collected on the basis of the description and beliefs of Kedarnath in Puranas from Skanda Purana. This information is very brief. Now you read the history of Kedarnath temple (kedarnath mandir ka itihas) and description of Kedarnath in Puranas.


History of kedarnath

The history of Kedarnath Temple located in Rudraprayag, Uttarakhand tells that the temple of Shri Kedarnath is an ancient temple built by the Pandavas. Which is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas. All religious people go to Badrinath only after visiting Kedareshwar Jyotirlinga first. Shri Kedarnath Temple is made very grand and beautiful. According to mythology, Kedar is the back part of Mahish (Buffalo) form. Nabhi in second Kedar Madmaheshwar, arms in Tungnath and face in Rudranath and Jata in Kalpeshwar. This is called Panchkedar.

There are idols of Parvati, Pandavas, Lakshmi etc. in the outer palace of Kedarnath temple. There is Hanskund near the temple where Shradh-Tarpan etc. is performed for the salvation of ancestors. There is Amrit Kund behind the temple and Retas Kund is some distance away. There is Mukunda Bhairav ​​on the small hill in the south of Puri, from where the beautiful view of the Himalayas is seen very close. There is a lake of snow water nearby, from where the Mandakini river originates. There is Uddakkund near Kedarnath temple, which is said to have special glory. After worshiping in the main temple of Kedarnath ji, they embrace the body.
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History of Kedarnath Temple 

Vyas Smriti (Fourth Chapter) By doing the pilgrimage to Kedar, a man is freed from all sins.

What is written in ancient Puranas? , Mention of Kedarnath in Puranas

  • (Chapter 35 of Shanti Parva) - Man attains Shivlok by sacrificing his life by traveling on the Mahaprasthan yatra i.e. walking on Kedar.
  • (Ban-Parva Chapter 38) - By bathing in Kedar Kund all sins are destroyed, by seeing Shiva on the day of Chaturdashi of Krishna Paksha heaven is attained.
  • Linga Purana - (Chapter 12) The person who takes retirement and resides in Kedar becomes like Shiva.
  • Vamana Purana-(36th Chapter) By living in Kedar region and by worshiping Rudra named DD, man goes to heaven without any effort.
  • Padma Purana - (Pa 0 Khan 61st Chapter) When the Sun and Jupiter of Aquarius become Sun and Jupiter, then the sight and touch of Kedar gives salvation.
  • Kurma Purana - (Chapter 36) Rudra Lok is attained by bathing in the Himalayan pilgrimage, by seeing Kedar.
  • Garuda Purana-(81st Chapter) Kedar Teerth is the destroyer of all sins.
  • Solar Purana-(69th Chapter) Kedar is the great pilgrimage of Shankar ji. The person who takes bath here and sees Lord Shiva, he becomes the king of Ganas.
  • Brahma Vaivarta Purana-(Krishna Janma Khand 17th Chapter) A king named Kedar used to rule Saptadweep in Satyug, when he became a Buddha, he went to the forest to give his son the kingdom and started doing penance, where he did penance, that place became famous as Kedar Khand. King Kedar's daughter Vrinda, who was the incarnation of Kamala, did not marry herself, left home and started doing penance, the place where she did penance became famous as Vrindavan.
  • Shiv Puran-(Gyan Sanhita Chapter 38) 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva are situated, among them Kedareshwar Linga is located on the Himalayan mountain. By seeing this, even the great sinners are freed from their sins, the one who has not seen the Kedareshwar Linga, his birth is meaningless.
  • Skanda Purana - (Kedar section first part 40th chapter) Yudhishthira etc. Pandavas asked Shri Vyas ji the way to get rid of the sin of killing clan and killing Guru. Vyas ji started saying that there is no atonement for these sins in the scriptures, these sins cannot be absolved without going to Kedar Khand, you people go there. All sins are destroyed by living there, and by dying there man becomes Shiva form, this is the great path.

The mythology behind Kedarnath temple

  • Fifty yojanas long and thirty yojanas wide from the gate of the Ganges to Boudhanchal is the Kedar Mandal, the path to heaven, by residing in which man becomes Shiva. There are many places of pilgrimage in Kedar Mandal - hundreds of Shivlings, beautiful forests, different types of rivers, and holy bodies exist.
  • The person who wishes to go to Kedarpuri is also blessed in the human world, his ancestors up to 300 steps go to Shivlok. Kedar area is best in all areas.
  • There is Retas Kund in the south direction of Kedar Shivji. By drinking its water, a man becomes Shiva. In its north, there is a crystal linga, in front of which there is seven steps in the same pilgrimage, there is hot water in the middle of the snow, at this place Bhimsen worshiped Shri Shankar ji from the Muktas, ahead of this is the Mahapath, By going there, man is freed from the traffic.
  • Near the confluence of Madhu Ganga and Mandakini there is Kronch Tirtha, at the confluence of Kshir Ganga and Mandakini there is Brahma Tirtha. To its south, bubbling water is visible. There is Indra Parvat on the left side of Shivji. This is where Indra did penance. There is a Shivling here. There is Hanskund at 10 steps from Kedarnath where Brahma drank sand in the form of a swan. The person who drinks the water of Retas Kund after visiting Kedarnath, Shri Shankar gets settled in his heart. No matter how sinful he may be, he may die in any place at any time but will reside in Shivlok.
  • By performing Shraddha and Tarpan here, the ancestors attain the supreme position. From Kedarpuri to Bhim Shila is the bed of Mahadev ji. In this Kedar region, there are lotuses and flowers during the rainy season. In the month of Shravan, pilgrims worship Lord Shiva with those lotuses only. Kedarnath ji has Bhuvkund Bhairav, Chandra Shila and Chorabari Tal. Some distance away from Kedarnath there is a huge Vasuko Taal.
  • (Shiv Purana) Pandavas went on the Kedar pilgrimage to see Kedareshwar to get rid of the sin of killing their clan. Then Shri Shiva ran away from there in the form of a buffalo. The Pandavas prayed that O Nath, please remove the sins of our people and settle down at this place. Be happy then Shri Shankar ji settled there from his previous torso.

The glory of Kedarnath 

The history of the Kedarnath temple and describing Kedarnath in the Puranas, it has been said that there is no limit to joy and wonder as soon as one enters the land of Kedarnath. On reaching this Manjul Tirth at a height of twelve thousand feet from sea level, the mind of any religious person gets engrossed in samadhi, in spite of many obstacles like cold, hunger, thirst, etc. A man standing in the midst of white and white mountain rows gets cheated by seeing the unbroken power of God. By looking at the unique beauty of nature, in this delightful land, the feeling of goodness itself rises. And when the heat of devotion starts rising in the mind, then how can the water of Mandakini seem cool? Pure and virtuous faith is the result of great virtue.
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 Faith does not arise in the minds of sinful people. From the day a man is born in the world, death comes on his head, but he forgets it after growing up. In this way, the one who has accumulated a lot of sins, he does not develop the wisdom of otherworldly good deeds and self-purification. But the person who does not even touch the water of the Ganga while living in the cities, does not even look at the temples of God, that too after coming to the pure earth of Kedarnath and bathing with great devotion in the very cool water stream of Mandakini, with the holy sound of 'Kedarnath ki Jai'. 
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And enter the temples by chanting 'Har Har Mahadev'. Hey! There is such a strange glory of Lord Shankar here. He has equal love and affection for all living beings, that's why coming here creates heart-melting affection in everyone's heart. The history of the Kedarnath temple (Kedarnath mandir ka itihas) and the description of Kedarnath in the Puranas tell that a human birth becomes fruitful only by the birth of affection and pure devotion at the feet of God.

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The architecture of Kedarnath Temple 

Kedarpuri has a temple of Shri Kedarnath ji at the north end, there is a chatti of twenty doors above the temple, on top of which there is a golden urn. Right in the middle of the temple, Shri Kedarnath which is a self-manifested idol, there is also the shape of the back torso of Bhasa, the pilgrims touch Kedarnath, in front of the temple there is a stone Jag (67) Gohan, around Jagmohan There are idols of the five Pandavas including Draupada, in the middle of which there is a small Nandi of brass, and on the south side Vada Nando and many types of small and big bells are engaged, 

there are two gatekeepers on both sides of the door, there are ten-fifteen other deity idols, Shri Kedarnath which The adornment idols are Panchmukhi, they are always adorned with clothes and ornaments. Behind the temple there is Amrit Kund, two three hands long, in which two Shivlings are located, in north-east there are Hanskund and Retas, three Aachamans are taken with the left hand by kneeling in Retas Kund, here is Ishaneshwar Mahadev. 
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There is a Subalak Kund in the west, in front of the Kedar temple there is a small Udak Kund in another temple, in this also aachaman is performed like Retas Kund, and behind this temple there is another sweet water tank. 

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